Thursday, 6 February 2014

Odo Longfoot

Here is Odo Longfoot , he's a rather handsome troll
He nearly didn't make it ,after a disaster or two in the oven .He fell over the first time and he distorted his feet so I allowed him to cool before snapping them off and rebuilding him.Somebody forgot to remind me that he had gone back in the oven and he got a wee bit burnt .Unfortunately only the old original clay burnt and his new feet stayed pink .I wanted him to have a dirty appearance anyway ,after all who ever heard of a clean troll ? I used antiquing medium to colour his pink feet and a bit here and there and he is perfect- just how I wanted him

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Ok ,now how do I do this ?

It has been almost a year since my last post ,and boy has it been a tough one.I have been a carer now for about 16 months and it is rather tiring .My husband goes to bed pretty early so it gives me the evenings to do my crafting .Trouble is I'm too blooming tired to do much.I have been suffering too with my neck and shoulder pain ,sciatica and also stomach ulcers .
I have decided that I can't let it get me down and I need to get on with some crafts. I am very lucky to have a craft room stacked with goodies so I am currently trying out lots of different things ,I particularly like using polymer clay and have made little dragons, trolls and jewellery .Sewing is something else I enjoy and I have made a few dolls and soft toys .Over the next few days I shall be adding some pictures of my creations as well as some of the cards that I have made in the last 11 months .I managed to make loads at Christmas for all my family and friends and forgot to take pictures of them all so nothing to post up .
I am also going to start joining in with the challenge blogs that i used to love so I will be posting on here more regularly -I promise !