Wednesday, 14 January 2009

re- posted instructions to make the fold out cards

After receiving many requests for instructions for my fold out cards , i thought i would post them here
They are all unique and cut by hand so i dont have any cut files i'm afraid. in fact none of the cards were made with the cricut .
Still interested ?
OK here goes-
firstly glue together enough card blanks in a concertina style allowing one side for each letter of the name.i used A4 card folded in half to make A5 card blanks.
you could use the cricut to cut out your letter shapes and mats, just make sure they will fit on the card blank without overlapping the edges.
I use microsoft word to get the letter shape i want, mirror it and print onto my chosen patttern paper.i then cut it, mat it and cut again. (the advantage to doing it this way is you can use any font style you have in your computer).
now you can glue your letters to the card -one per panel
beware of long names -your desk may not be long enough ! oh and watch your spelling !

now comes the tricky part- the cards are now double thickness so you may get through a few blades !
Cut out the parts between the letters,making sure that you leave a border top and bottom of the cards to keep the cards together .
You may find it useful to draw lightly your cut lines and shade wher your cut outs will be ,to make sure that you dont cut too far and chop a letter off ! Trust me you don't want to do that !
Your card shape is now ready to decorate !

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