Tuesday, 17 February 2009

instuctions for fold out name cards

ok, nobody seems to be able to find them on here- archived too well i think ! so i'll do them again
firstly take A4 sheets of card( 12x8 inches)and fold in half to make A5 card blanks-(6x8 inches ) stick these together concertina style until you have enough panels to spell out the name you require.The front panel will open the the opposite way to a regular card ie the fold will be on the right.
using DS place the letter you want (cut the shadows first ) on your mat and stretch to fit easily in an area 6x8 .make sure you have enough space to cut round and dont allow any overlaps then do the same for all the letter shapes.If you dont have design studio you could cut them on real size 5.5 just check they are not too wide for your panels .
i have also used microsoft word in the past to print the letter shapes and then cut out free hand , meaning that i can cut any type font in my computer - SCAL users could do this easily with the cricut too.
Mat each letter onto its shadow ,then glue one letter to each card panel, taking care with the spelling.
Now comes the hard work , because you have to cut this bit by hand , the card stock is now double thickness so it can be quite tough on your blades -oh and on your wrists .

Leaving a border about 1.5 inches at the top and bottom of the whole card to keep your letters together ,lightly mark with a pencil, the areas that you wish to cut away. It is very easy to cut too far so be careful !
Your card shape is now ready to decorate


Anonymous said...

I really love your card and wanted to try to make one. I have a question. Am I using more than one A4 sheet of card?


katesacraftybugger said...

this one used 5 sheets of card 1