Sunday, 27 September 2009


Since i made any of these fold out cards and this week i had to make two ! the first was a bit tricky , for a man ! the second one was much easier it was for a nine year old girl .
My mojo had been missing all week and i really needed it for these !
Thankfully it came back this afternoon after i threatened myself with having to do housework if it did nt !
These cards are very difficult to photograph due to their size and they dont fit in the scanner either - so i am sorry for the dodgy camera work.Thank goodness i dont live in a bungalow - i need the stairs to take this pictures on !


Liz said...

Smashing cards again Kate. Can you say why you do the letters and the two strips separately instead of welding them in Design Studio or in SCAL?

~JulieH~ said...

Oh kate I love your fold out cards you are so clever! i would love to try one one day! Mind you I live in a bungalow so would have no stairs to photograph it lol! Love them both but my fav has to be the cute HK. Wonderful work!

Saskia said...

Great cards!

Saskia :)