Sunday, 14 February 2010


I had nt done any of these little people cards for a while and then i had to do 3
One is for a friend's son for his 16 th birthday , his only desire in life is to be a celebrity so he got a celeb style card .
The next is for a different friend ,for her husband who spends every spare minute of the day on the dreaded FACEBOOK! so of course he had to have a facebook card - i was gutted - they changed the layout the day after i copied it !

Finally this one is for a very stylish lady who loves to shop in M&S .
Happy Birthday to all of you

Oh and i hope i'm not breaking any copyright laws by using these logo's- its advertising for them is nt it ???


Loopylou!! said...

kate they are just amazing , i love them all!!! you are so clever hun xxxxx

eiyiyi said...

OK you win!!!! You are the permanent, lifetime Queen of little people cards. These are fantastic! hugs to you, eileen

brenda said...

Hi Kate

Great selection of cards, but I'm a bit worried about the lady shopping - she only has two bags ?

B x

MrsK said...

Hi Kate

These are fantastic really well made and look lifelike especially the facebook page!

Take care

Sal xx

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

fabulous cards Kate, that top one is my Mum inlaw to a T , hair , the M&S bags the lot. wonderful. janex

Traceyr said...

what a cute collection of cards there and why is it that birthdays come in threes like that?? - a bit like buses I suppose! lol