Friday, 21 August 2009

Mr and Mrs

WHAT A WEEK! it has absolutely flown past , probably because i am off work.I feel as if i have been running around all week but dont have anything to show for it .
Not had much time for crafting although i did have a couple of commissions to do this week.One was of a special scrapbook /birthday card which is so top secret i'm not allowed to show on my blog incase the recipient happens to see it .
The other was for a wedding card and as i have ntI have nt made one in ages , i was rather pleased when i was asked to make one.
I used my trusty bug for this one with base camp and wedding solutions carts and DS .
I have just got SCAL2 so when i have sussed out how to use it i will post some creations .

1 comment:

eiyiyi said...

Very clever. I love the way the top hat sits. Great card.

can't wait to see what you do with SCAL. Mine should be here next week (I hope) and I'll be glad for any tips you want to post. thanks for test driving SCAL for me LOL. hugs, eileen