Tuesday, 15 December 2009

thank goodness i've finished the Christmas cards !

I dont know about anyone else ,but i have well and truly had enough of making Christmas cards !
I started in August and have made over 200 cards and all are individual one off designs . I did nt even scan a quarter of them so i dont have a record of them all.
I have just finished my last ones today and i did remember to scan them- thes were really challenging ones ,the first had to have my friend and her husband drinking mulled wine infront of a Gluvein hut ????? well i did nt know what one was either so i used artistic licence and made it a gingerbread house !
the next was for a spiderman fanatic- how on earth does one make spider-man christmassy i ask myself .I Used polkadoodles halloween paper added some stickles,I drew spider-man and addded blingy webs to him with a gel glitter pen and i used a sizzix die to cut the string of lights that he is swinging from.

then for the same young man i had to do Merlin from the BBC programme - something i had never seen so i had to go googling !i used PDDU cart to make their clothes and accessories and i was secretly pleased with how it turned out .


Scrappymax said...

Wow Kate, I don't know how you did it I think i would have lost the will to live. Well done they are great. In honour of your first week at Polkadoodles I have been on a mission to join you and it is on my blog if you fancy a look.
Max x

eiyiyi said...

These are fantastic. I'm soooo sad that you didn't scan some of the cards you made. Your artwork is so original, fresh, and creative. I just love stopping by to see what new wonder you've put up. hugs to you, eileen